Walking writing workshop on 25 October in the Ledbury Burgage Hall

Anna Stenning writes about her Walking Literature workshop that I really enjoyed being part of…

Wildblogging from Anna

Back in August, I thought of running some sort of workshop around walking and writing in Ledbury. This was because I love writing about my walks, I love Ledbury, and I wanted to find out if there are others out there who share these interests. I also wanted to share some of things I’ve learned in my MA and PhD, and I wanted to put into practice Edward Thomas’s teachings about the importance of learning (including history, geography and geology) through intimacy with particular places. So I spoke to my friend Ruth Stacey, who is a local poet that I admire, to see if she would be interested in participating. Luckily she said she was, and if she hadn’t I’m not sure if the event would have gone ahead, because I’m not yet confident enough to be doing things like this on my own outside of the confines and also support of…

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