Baby one night somebody

C.D. Wright: Even though I get blatantly sick of poetry… I cannot for the life of me imagine my life without it. By extension, I wonder, how can anyone live without it. Poetry takes you into the recesses of the language, the neglected corners, cracks and crannies and to the big sky of wonder. It opens the door to a critique without which you have rather boring analytical tools by comparison. To cultivate poetry means to stay with it. Not to abandon hope, but to abide. There is an idealism associated with poetry I would not dispel but question. It doesn’t change anything except within. It shifts your insides around. Poetry is not going to reach the numbers of people by which we commonly consider a large audience. It just isn’t a stadium-filler. It could still galvanize people during a crisis, but let’s just say, as I heard Heather McHugh tell an ample audience, there are two points at which poetry is indispensable to people—at the point of love and the point of death. I’ll second that emotion.

poem: Frank Stanfordfrankstanford

After January taking a break

Mouth and Music

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: After our 4th Birthday Boars Head Tribute gig on Tuesday 12th January, Mouth and Music will be taking a 6-month break, relaunching at Kidderminster Arts Festival in August. So those of you who keep meaning to come, January’s gig is your last opportunity for a while! And to our regulars we say – hope to see you on Tuesday when we will say a big thank you a) to the wonderful venue which has supported us for 4 years and b) to you for being there.

At this gig, we will be producing an instant anthology for Sand and Sid at the Boars Head so please bring your poems, tributes, messages, drawings etc on A4 sheets for collation on the night. As well as bringing Boars Head / pub related material to perform, do bring any favourite pieces you’ve written for Mouth and Music over the years. Thank…

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