The Curiosity of Redness published on I am not a Silent Poet

Not Letting Go published by Sarah James for Mental Health Awareness Week

Fleeces, Little Corpses, On the Cautious Road and Fox Boy IV can be read at Ink, Sweat & Tears

Go Round can be read at Goblin Fruit

Bikjka in the Primal edition of Abridged 0-29

Apricot is the colour at Sparked! Art from Writing, Writing From Art

Halfway Between Sadness and Despair and Iglu can be read in the In Blue edition of Abridged 0-34


Fox Boy I from a sequence of thirteen poems.

8 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Dear Ruth,
    I’m sitting here with a friend who loves sharks and has just shared beautiful images of Greenland sharks when we were brought to your page for a Greenland shark poem. We are so sad that we haven’t found it. Could we read it?

    • Dear Aimee, I am still working on my shark poems but as soon as I have finished editing them I will post them for you to read. Thank you for your interest. Sharks are very inspiring!

  2. Dear Ruth,
    I am curious as to where I can read Fox Boy I after having read a wee snippet of it online I’m eager to see the rest. I’d love to find somewhere to view the entire poem and following 12 in the sequence.
    Love your work!

  3. Hi Ruth 🙂

    can you recommend a good nature poem that i can annotate for homework?

    I felt like i needed to ask the expert for a suitable poem.


    from James G 🙂

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