Fox Boy reviewed by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

“The layering of rhythm and changes of focus are compelling, and have the effect of a peripheral glimpse at a shift, both physical and stylistic. This complexity makes this poem a highlight in a pamphlet of consistent strength. Likewise in ‘XII’, where form becomes a conduit, funnelling us through the Irish, German, and Czech words for fox, building pace and threat through their clouding of meaning, the slippage and uncertainty of what is lost in translation, and what is maintained – the kick of consonants next to the slink of ‘s’ sounds.”


You can read the whole review at Sabotage Reviews

January Hand Picked Bundle chapbooks DGP

54ada89638c41_80495n‘Each month, we are choosing a special hand-picked sale bundle of books which complement each other in all sorts of ways, by them, by tone, by style…
This month we are celebrating our most recent UK based authors…

The Bitters/ Susie Campbell
Frances and Martine / Hilda Sheehan
Places of Articulation / Dorothy Lehane
Instruments of Summer / Kerri French
And Separately We Are / Carol Rowntree-Jones
Homecoming / Carrie Etter
Fox Boy / Ruth Stacey’

Link to Kirsty Bowen’s Dancing Girl Press…