Holbein sketches of Anne Boleyn


holbeinsketchAnne_Boleyn_by_Hans_Holbein_the_YoungerNPG 668; Anne Boleyn by Unknown artist

David Starkey and Bendor Grovesnor have argued the case ( here ) for the night gown sketch being Anne.  If the woman in the nightgown is Anne, then so is the woman in the hood when you compare them side by side.


anneboleynaligned-jpeg-scaled500 nieve

Medal reconstruction by Lucy Churchill (website here)

Holbein colouring to look like the NPG portrait by Nieve (Anne Boleyn Files)


“Lute strings vibrate to silence as I watch Caesar with my velvet eyes.”

A line from my Anne Boleyn poem in the book Queen, Jewel, Mistress. I loved writing about all those fascinating women, but Anne Boleyn was always my favourite.

“Ruth Stacey’s poems are exceptional. They evoke voices long silenced, and the very essence of these past lives and the ages in which they were lived. There is so much food for thought here – every line is a joy!”
– Alison Weir