V. Press Poetry

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V. Press is an independent publisher of poetry, founded in 2013.

The dictionary definition of the abbreviation V offers the following:

1. velocity 2. victory 3. vocative 4. volt 5. volume 6. vowel .

Our own definitions also include:

1. V. is for very. We publish work that is very very. This is not to say that we favour extreme art or experimental over mainstream. Nor do we adhere to one set tradition, theme, approach, fashion…or fad. Rather it means that we look for work that is distinctive, very itself. For the reader, this translates as offering them an experience we hope will be very exciting, very moving, very impactful..very what they do and don’t expect.

Our team:
Editorial, Management and Marketing – Sarah Leavesley
Editorial and Design – Ruth Stacey


‘V. Press is very proud to launch Ransom Notes by Jacqui Rowe, her fourth published pamphlet.

This is a sequence of little poetry fictions that are simultaneously very serendipitous and very idiosyncratic. Each poem is an abstraction from the lives of characters conceived by chance and who emerge through the writing  without ever fully explaining themselves.

Originating from a process of cutting up and randomness, fragments of writing, sketches, poem drafts and found texts were initially combined to form documents resembling a kidnapper’s ransom notes. These were then crafted and shaped.’ Sarah Leavesley, Editor

Read reviews of Ransom Notes at the V.Press Poetry website HERE


V.Press’s first title – published in June 2013 for The Vaginellas’ live performance at Ledbury Poetry Festival in July 2013.


Stark, ballsy and all-embracing, the poems in The Vaginellas are in turns very funny, very feminist and very empowering.

The strong distinct voices of these poets – Catherine Crosswell, Jenny Hope, Sarah James and Ruth Stacey – explore the highs and lows of both the male and female body. No intimate parts escape untouched in this delightful concoction of fun, feminism, sauce and seriousness…None of the language in The Vaginellas is gratuitous, every word serves its purpose – to captivate readers, be it in a lyrical, erotic, fun way or a reclaiming of historical terms that have been manhandled for years.

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