Advice on Proposals

Do you like Shakespeare? The Brontes? Jane Austen?

Well, you would probably like these pamphlets by Like This Press. Edited by Angela Topping each pamphlet collects poems about the different writers. ‘The Austen/ Brontë/ Shakespeare Project was inspired by Angela’s interest in text transformations and the timelessness of her chosen authors. No particular genre of poem was sought when inviting contributors, so the result is a splendid range of approaches from lyrical to experimental to humorous.’

I didn’t like Jane Austen for a long time. My poem included in Advice on Proposals is called Jane Austen Hated Me. Many thanks to Angela Topping for selecting my poem to be part of this excellent set of pamphlets. I can’t wait to read The Bronte one. You can read more about them and buy them here


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