Two reviews of QJM

Carolyn Jess-Cooke has kindly reviewed my book and is also giving away a copy. Just comment on her web post or tweet: Read the full review here

“The significance of this book as a work of art, however, is in its reclamation of history from the female perspective. That the poems themselves are brilliant, almost all of them adroitly executed, makes me want to stand up and give the book a round of applause. There is mastery here, boldness, and a lively assertion of what poetry can give to the historical imagination. This is a book that deserves widespread acclaim.”


Jessica Birch has also reviewed the book in The Next Review

next review

“If our national history can be described as at least to be sluiced in blood, then Stacey has used the red element startlingly, superbly in this book…The liquids stink and soil in equal measure, and the near-erotic thrill of attendant, queenly, ambition. It’s a real strength of this book that there is no slow historical development of these women’s awareness that they could rule alone, that they could attain power: no, from the start this is a committedly feminist book….

I salute the publishing house that allows a poet’s debut to be this damn ambitious and this damn unapologetic.”

Joanna Boyce Elgiva Anglo-Saxon noblewoman


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