Magdalena Kaczan

I, Ursula by Magdalena Kaczan, 2020
Purple Wedding
Not an Embrace

I found Magdalena’s artwork on Deviant Art and fell in love with her style instantly. It had a compelling Grimm Fairy Tale aspect to it that resonated deeply with me. I got in touch with her and told her about my book and she was immediately enthusiastic about the project. She was wonderful to work with; I sent her six poems and a rough written outline of the themes and asked her to interpret it as she liked. Her response was one of the highlights of the whole process of publishing a book. To see my poetry interpreted visually was a joy. Magdalena expressed so much about the entire collection in one picture…she is a marvel!

The Golden Duck


In the Village

If you are interested in the availability of prints for some of her pictures, or would like to commission something, please send an e-mail to

To see more of Magdalena’s artwork you can go HERE or HERE

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