My debut collection, Queen, Jewel, Mistress, was published by Eyewear July, 2015. My pamphlet, Fox Boy, was published by Dancing Girl Press, June 2014. I design the covers for V Press poetry pamphlets and I was part of the Vaginellas; a collective of female poets re-imagining classic forms of poetry. You can follow me on twitter @MermaidsDrown

Carolyn Jess-Cooke: “The significance of this book (Queen, Jewel, Mistress) as a work of art, however, is in its reclamation of history from the female perspective. That the poems themselves are brilliant, almost all of them adroitly executed, makes me want to stand up and give the book a round of applause. There is mastery here, boldness, and a lively assertion of what poetry can give to the historical imagination. This is a book that deserves widespread acclaim.”

Youtube: reading the poem Actions Speak from the new Bloodaxe anthology Hwaet!


Sarah James, Catherine Crosswell, Ruth Stacey, Jenny Hope

The Vaginellas at Burgage Hall, Ledbury


Poetry for Lunch: Birmingham Library


The Quiet Compere Tour at the Mac, Birmingham

“Ruth Stacey weaved delicate verse and then hit us with “the bear who brings white roses that smell of other girls”.  Sarah Dixon

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