The Dark Room: Letters to Krista

Photograph by Krista Kay

New collaborative pamphlet by Ruth Stacey and Krista Kay

In The Dark Room: Letters to Krista, Ruth Stacey and Krista Kay write a collaborative love letter to time and loss, a call and response that echoes through the spaces where our collective understanding of public tragedy collides with the vestiges of personal memory. Juxtaposing Stacey’s taut prose with Kay’s darkly evocative photographs (many of which document her friendship with tragic grunge-era lovers Layne Staley and Demri Parrott), The Dark Room offers a moving meditation on the relationships between memory, death, and the traces we leave in our wake.  – Alissa Bennett

  Ruth Stacey writes in The Dark Room, “only a loved one could take these photographs” and that feeling also pervades in her poetic letters and on every turn of the page of this lovely, haunting, and deeply felt book.  – Kevin Sampsell

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Fatbergs by Andrea Mbarushimana

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