I, Ursula Review by Emma Lee

Image result for russian painter female

Zinaida Yevgenyevna Serebriakova ‘At the Dressing Table’ 1909  One of the inspirations for the poem ‘Rose Red’ in I, Ursula

‘Overall “I, Ursula” is a chilling, memorable exploration of the darker side of the muse. She is stalked, hunted, desired and formed in other’s image, a body on which to project desires. Rarely does she get her own voice but here she contemplates the power dynamics in relationships and how she is used to create art, often to her own detriment. Despite the projection of delicacy and fragility, she has to remain strong with a will to survive. Ruth Stacey has created a powerful collection.’

To read the full review go HERE

The other painting by  Serebriakova  that gave me the character for ‘Rose Red’, Portrait of Olga Lanceray, 1910

Snow White and Rose Red Rackham Image

Arthur Rackham’s picture Rose Red that first started the poem in my mind.

Image result for rose red the bear prince

Ladybird version of the Bear Prince



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